Date of birth 1 April 1920
Date of death 24 December 1997
Avocation horseback riding,@shooting, swordplay
Hobby Car He had loved his MG-TD 1952-Type for 45 years.
Also he owened several cars like Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 1962-Type which he bought when he acted in "Grand Prix".
Ship He owened a cabin cruiser.
He was born as a first son to a trading merchant and photo studio manager Tokuzo Mifune in Tsingtao, China.
1925 5 His family moved to Dalian, China, and his father set up "Star Photo Studio".
1934 14 He entered Dalian Junior Highschool.
1938 18 He graduated the junior highschool.
1940 20 He was drafted. He passed for Ko-type, and joined the seventh flying squad of the Manchuria Imperial Army Airforce. In the flying squad, since he had experience and knowledge of a photograph, He was assigned to the photograph department and took charge of the aerial photographs.
1941 21 He was transferred to the eighth flying squad's educational department of Manchuria Imperial Army Airforce. Then, since they draw off troops , he moved to Yokaichi,Shiga .
1945 25 He faced the end of the war at Kamikaze base in Kumanosho, Kumamoto, where he had transferred to.
1946 26 He visted his senior Mr.Toshiharu Ohyama who worked for Toho Movie studio's photography division, to call on him for photographer's assistant job. His resume was received as one for the first audition in the studio's "New Face" talent hunt "by some mistake".He attracted the movie director Mr. Yamamoto's attention and passed the audition as a fill-in actor.
1947 27 Mifune was still waiting for the opening of filming division rather than being an actor. uGinrei no hatev Movie director Mr. Senkichi Taniguchi persuaded him to act in his film Sonw Trail and Mifune made his debut.
1948 28 He was selected as one of the maincast of Drunken Angel uYoidore Tenshiv, which is an Kurosawa film. He obtained a major popularity by the sucusess of this film.
1950 30 He got married to Sachiko Yoshimine who was also an actress of Toho New Face of the first year.
1951 31 uRashomonv(director- Akira Kurosawa) was awarded Grand Prix of Venice Film Festival. This made him take the first step toward an ineternational actor.
1952 32 He won Blue Ribbon Best Actor by performance of The Life of a Horsetrader(Bakurou Ichidai :Director- Keigo Kimura) and other films.
1953 33 He acted in the first naval and aerial warfare movie after the war Eagle of the PacificuTaikeiyo no Washiv
(Director-Inoshiro Honda).
1954 34 uSeven Samuraiv(Director-Akira Kurosawa) was released.
1955 35 He played the part of an aged person for the first time in
I Live Fear uIkimono no kirokuv(Director-Akira Kurosawa) First episode of SamuraiuMiyamoto Musashiv(Director-Hirosi Inagaki) trilogy won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.
1957 37 Throne of BlooduKumonosu jyouvand The Lower Depth were released. uDonzokov(Director- both Akira Kurosawa)
1958 38 The Hidden FortressuKakushitoride no sanakuninv (Director-Akira Kurosawa) was released.
He was awarded Best Actor of Mainichi Film Awards by Throne of Blood and The Lower Depth (Director-Akira Kurosawa).
1959 39 The Rikisha Man uMuho Matsu no isshov (Director- Hiroshi Inagaki) in which Mifune starred was awarded Grand Prix of Venice Film Festival.
1960 40 He attended the opening ceremony of Venice Film Festival.
The Bad Sleep WelluWarui yatsu hodo yoku nemuruv was released. (Director-Akira Kurosawa)
1961 41 He starred in a Mexican movie El Hombre importante uKachi aru otokovfor the first time in foreign films.
He won Best Actor of Venice Film Festival by performance of uYojimbov (Director- Akira Kurosawa).
1962 42 He established Mifune Production and become representative director.
He was awarded Blue Ribbon Best Actor , Best Actor of Nihon Kishakai and Best Actor of Kinema-Junpo by Yojimbo. (Director - Akira Kurosawa)
SanjyurouSanjuro Tsubakiv (Director- Akira Kurosawa) was released.
1963 43 His first directed movie The Legacy of the 500.000 uGojyuman-nin no Isanvwas filmed by Mifune Production collaborating with Takarazuka Movie Studio.
High and LowuTengoku to Jigokuv (Director-Akira Kurosawa) was released.
1965 45 He became independent from Toho Studio which he had exclusive contract with.
His last movie with Kurosawa, Red Beard uAkahigevwon the Best Actor of venice Film Festival for the third time.
1966 46 He built Mifune-Pro Movie Studio equipped with studios and open-air sets at Seijyo Setagaya in Tokyo.
He was awarded Blue Ribbon Best Actor and Best Actor of Nihon Kishakai by Red Beard.
A Tunnel In The Sun (Kurobe no Taiyo: Director- Kei Kumai) was made by Mifune Production collaborating with Ishihara Production. Mifune acted in the film, too.
1967 47 Mifune Production's first TV series Momotaro Zamurai(NTV) was started.
He acted in an American movie Grand Prix (Director- John Frankenheimer).
1968 48 A Tunnel In The Sun (Kurobe no Taiyo: Director- Kei Kumai) was made by Mifune Production collaborating with Ishihara Production. Mifune acted in the film, too.
He was awarded Minister of Education Prize of Geijyutu Sensho by the performance of Rebellion uJoiuchiv iDirector-Masaki Kobayashi) and other films.
He played the leading role in Hell in the Pacific (Director-John Boorman).
1969 49 He was awarded Best Actor of Kinema-junpo by A Tunnel In The SunuKurobe no Taiyov(Director-Kei Kumai) and other films.
1970 50 He appeared in TV commercial "Otokoha damatte Sapporo Biiru : Reticent Guy with Sapporo Beer "
1971 51 He co-starred with Alain Delon and Charles Bronson in Red Sun.(Director-Terence Young)
1972N 52 He acted in Koya no Suronin: Masterless Samurai in the Wilderness (NET), TV movie seriese of Mifune Production.
1975 55 American movie Midway (Director-Jack Smite) started shooting. He played the roll for Adminal Isoroku Yamamoto, co-starred with Charleton Heston and Henry Fonda.
1976 56 He acted in TV series Ken to Kaze to Komoriuta: Sord, Wind and Lullaby.(NTV)
1978 58 He acted in TV series Edo no Taka: Hawk of Edo.( TV asahi)
1979 59 He acted in American movie 1941 (Director-Steven Spielberg).
1981 61 He opened Mifune Geijyutu Gakuin, a school for actors, actresses and talents.
1983 63 "Toshiro Mifune Festival " was held in Chicago. It was held also in New York next year.
1986 66 He was granted Medal with Purple Ribbon.
"UCLA gave him UCLA Medal which had comparable worth to honorary degree.
1987 67 He acted in Otoko ha Turaiyo/Shiretoko Bojyo:It's tough to be a man. (Director-Yoji Yamada)
1988 68 He won Blue Ribbon Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actor of Mainichi Film Awards by Otoko ha Tsuraiyo/ Shiretoko Ryojyo.
1989 69 French government conferred Art and Literature Decoration on him.
Sennno Rikyu/ Hongakubou Ibun (Director-Kei Kumai) was released.
1990 70 He attended the parade of Sakura Festival in San Francisco.
1991 71 He participated in the performance of Dainippon Kyuuba Kai:Imperial Japanese archery and equestrian art, held at Chante Race Track in Paris.
1993 73 He received Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.
1995 75 He was awarded Chairman's Special Prize of Japan Academy Awards with Machiko Kyo, Isuzu Yamada, Utaemon Ichikawa and others.
His posthumous Fukai kawa: Deep River (Director- Kei Kumai) was released.
1997 77 He died in the hospital of Tokyo Mitaka-shi for multiple organ failure on December 24th"
The farewell service was held by the joint funeral of Toho, Kurosawa production, and Mifune Production at Aoyama Funeral hall in Tokyo on January 24th.
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